What is Athletic Greens?

The product is a supplement targeting people who want to live a healthy lifestyle. The product was developed by taking advantage of a market gap in that there is no single food option that can deliver all essential nutrients in one option. In this case, athletic greens provide that option. The product incorporates different supplements in a single serving of what is referred to as superfood nutrition.

The product come in a ready to mix powdered formula. This ensures that it is easy to carry anywhere you go. Athletic greens are formulated in a manner that ensures than one spoon formula mix to antioxidants that are is equal to twelve servings of vegetables. It also improves alkalinity in the blood stream, boosts digestive health and boosts immunity thereby fighting off opportunistic infections.

Athletic greens specifically target individuals who are committed to their health and are willing to go the extra mile to invest in their health and wellbeing. The idea behind the product is that investing in your health is not an expense. The expense, in this case, is allowing the body to function below its capacity and therefore being drained at work and performing below your ability at play.

Athletic Greens formula is an efficient way to stay healthy with it being estimated to take just twenty-seven second for one to get to realize the desired effect. This is based on the fact that the nutrients are already in liquid form and therefore do not need digestion before they are absorbed by the body. To be sure if this product is for you, see our in-depth athletic greens review.

What's in the Superfood?

The heaths supplement contains the following energy and nutrient boosting elements: Multivitamin, Multimineral, green superfood blend, prebiotics, probiotics, digestive enzyme blend. This is all essential vitamins for an individual’s wellbeing and is available in one serving in a convenient powdered formula that is easy to use and pleasant to consume.

The source of all this vitamin can be located in ten natural ingredients that comprise the Athletic Greens superfood formula. This includes wild berries, milk thistle seed extract, Rhodiola, Astragalus membranaceous, grapeseed extract, Reishi Mushroom, acerola cherry fruit, cocoa, organic spirulina and cocoa tea extract.

All this assist the body to function well specifically having the following health benefits to the body systems that keep various organs performing their functions at optimal levels. This Include supporting to keep the blood sugar levels with the normal range, Adaptogen that helps in hormone support, detoxification and liver support including neural support formula.

The ingredients that go into the making of the product have taken about ten years of research with manufacturers ensuring that their clients get the best out of it. Athletic greens are a green product and do not use genetically modified organisms.

Athletic Greens also do not contain preservatives or artificial sweeteners, chemicals, artificial flavors and colors, herbicides or pesticides. The product has also taken notice of people who are allergic to different items and has removed a good number of raw materials that a certain segment of their potential clients may be allergic to.

The products excluded in the manufacturing of the product that is a cause of allergic reactions are dairy, gluten, lactose, corn, peanuts, eggs, yeast, dextrose, sucrose or other animal products. The idea of making the product in this manner is to ensure that it can be used by a huge percentage of people.

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Nutribullet gave birth to a revolution that has helped to bring about changes to millions of lives. With the creation of Nutribullet Pro 900, one can enjoy the benefits of unprocessed, real and nutrition extracted whole food that has tremendous health benefits. In fact, it can be correctly called as the best small blender for smoothies.

Blender Features

  • The motor is 900 watts and it has only one speed.
  • It is very user-friendly as there are no buttons or regulators. The cup needs to be pushed down for the blending to start.
  • A customer gets access to 15 pieces - one base, two blades, one cup that is over-sized, two cups that are tall, one short cup, one handled lip ring and a regular one without the handle, one lid that flips-up-to-go, a pocket nutritionist, two lids that can be re-sealed, a recipe book cum user guide, and another book that is hard covered and has some more recipes.
  • The plastic that is used in the pieces is BPA free.
  • The oversized cups capacity is equivalent to the size of 4 cups.
  • The blades should be hand-washed in lukewarm water or the top rack of your dishwasher. Or, after a smoothie has been prepared, it can be washed immediately with soapy warm water as that prevents anything from being stuck onto the body of the machine.

In The Box

  • The power base: it has 900W of power to extract the most difficult ingredients in the most efficient and fast way.
  • The extractor blade: It generates power to break down the hard seeds and thick stems so that the nutrition inside can be accessed.
  • Flip up to go lid: this lid fits on top of any of the cups that comes with the unit and it ensures a hassle free opening of the lid, once the smoothie is ready.
  • Handled lip ring: not only the smoothie can be made in this ring, but also can be sipped through directly from this.
  • Lip ring (without the handle): it is big in size for more smoothie at one time.

What Makes Nutribullet Unique?

There are various smoothie blenders available in the market, but the reason why Pro 900 has the upper hand is that it is easy to assemble, the clean up is hassle free and yet it is ideal as because the nutrient extraction power ensures that health conscious people reap complete benefit out of it. This compact product can fit in easily anywhere and can also be plugged into any regular socket.

The mechanism of nutrient extraction breaks down vegetables, fruits, seeds, nuts etc in such a state so can it be absorbed by the human body completely. This blender breaks the cell walls of the plant foods that are rich in fiber, thus that results in the release of significant minerals and vitamins that are contained within these foods. Additionally, it lessens the good fiber, skins, seeds and pulp into a texture that can be compared to as smooth as, just like silk so that the food that is consumed is digestible easily and absorbable too. Nutrient Extraction ensures complete nutrition is received by the body, even more than when it is received through chewing or blending or juicing.

Nutribullet Extractor transforms ordinary food into exceptional nutritional food. The combination of the Bullet cyclonic action and the powerful motor and the special blades converts regular food into a fluid that is like a fuel for the body.

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Athletic Greens The Best Small Blender for Smoothies